DARE To Be You

Want to learn how to help your child have academic success?
Interested in learning how to boost your child's development?
Want to have fun as a family and build closer relationships?
Want to increase your confidence and satisfaction as a parent?

DARE To Be You

DARE To Be You - Rappahannock Area is an exciting family program offered by the Rappahannock Area Community Services Board. Through a series of interactive workshops, families will learn about communication, decision making, and problem-solving. Not only will you gain new skills, you’ll have lots of fun!

A family style meal is provided at each session and a $50 gift card is awarded upon program completion.

Workshops will be offered in the City of Fredericksburg and the Counties of Caroline, King George, Spotsylvania, and Stafford. Learn More


Now Registering:

Fredericksburg - DARE To Be You will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the Kenmore Club (632 Kenmore Ave Fredericksburg, VA  22401). The session will begin in August 2015. Dinner will be provided. Call today to register (540-374-3337). 
To learn more, contact Sherry Thompson at 540-374-3337 or sthompson@racsb.state.va.us



Completed Groups:

  • Countryside Child Care Center in Caroline County
  • Dawning Point Early Childhood Center
  • England Run Library in Stafford County
  • Four Seasons Daycare in King George County
  • Fredericksburg Regional Head Start
  • King George Citizens Center
  • Spotsylvania Parent Resource Center at the John J. Wright Educational and Cultural Center
  • Stafford Head Start
  • Fredericksburg Downtown Library
  • Kate Waller Barrett Elementary School in Stafford County
  • Ferry Farm Elementary School in Stafford County


DARE To Be You

Here’s some of what makes DARE To Be You so great:

  • Interactive: lots of games and activities
  • Quality family time
  • Family meal provided at every session
  • Incentives for attending and completing the program

Participants will benefit from:

  • Better communication skills
  • Boost to child’s developmental level
  • Learning new discipline strategies
  • Developing stronger family relationships
  • Increased confidence as a parent

Volunteers are needed to help facilitate the children's program.


Here's what parents are saying about what they learned through their participation in DARE To Be You:

I’ve learned to truly listen to my kids, to hang-up the “parent-lecturing role” at times and really get on their level to hear what they are trying to tell me.

Every child learns differently and they need to be loved and cared for in their own unique way.

To find balance in parenting, to be a good mother and also a good listener.  Most importantly, I learned that I have to listen better to my children.

To better prioritize work and family life, placing my kids’ needs and feelings first.

To talk TO my children, not just talk AT them.  To give my kids a sense of understanding, responsibility, love and encouragement . . . listening to others in the class has really changed me in many ways.  I want to always give my kids guidance, nurturing and love.

I learned to be patient with my daughter.  I loved this class and my daughter got to interact with other children while I learned more about parenting.

How to teach my kids new things without getting mad.  How to understand my kids a little better.  How to set rules and stick by them.

Everything we did in this class was helpful to me!  The info was really helpful to me in raising my daughter, I wish the class kept going until she is all grown.

To spend less time talking and more time listening to my kids.

That you can talk with your children no  matter how young they are and there are ways to talk through any problem.

I learned to have more patience with  my kids and listen to them when they need to talk.  Now I do a lot more activities and spend more time having fun with them, too.  I am using more games and rewards.

I learned better ways to discipline my children.

My parenting skills have improved a lot but what I have learned extends to other parts of my life, with other relationships.

I’ve learned not to be afraid to talk with my kids, and better ways to talk with my family about anything I need to.

To pay closer attention to my children’s needs.

I received excellent advice that I did try at home and it worked!  I also like the materials I could take home and keep.

I learned a lot and would highly recommend this class to other parents who want to improve their overall parenting skills.

This class did a lot for me and my family.  I am thankful for everything!

I learned that communication needs to be a part of our everyday routine, having better communication tools has helped my family.

How to interact better with my children, how to pay better attention and listen to them better.  I learned that it is ok to feel frustrated at times.  I still have a lot to learn but I feel more confident now as a mother.

I learned that I can communicate with my children without yelling and there are other ways to discipline without spanking.

I learned that I need more time for my children and also about how to communicate with them better.

I learned tips for being fair with my children despite their different ages.  I learned to listen and not just dictate.  I learned about parenting styles and what type of parent I want to be.

How to create “win-win” situations in our house.  How to communicate better with my kids and my family members.

How to “negotiate” in the home, when to talk/not talk and how to listen better.

Prevention and Public Information Coordinator: Michelle Wagaman
540-940-2314 or mwagaman@racsb.state.va.us


Rappahannock Area Community Service Board  |  600 Jackson Street  |  Fredericksburg, VA 22401  |  (540) 373-3223