Early Intervention Services

IF YOU ANSWER NO TO ANY OF THESE QUESTIONS... You should talk it over with someone. Remember, all babies grow and develop at their own pace. But if you have any questions or concerns, please call the Parent Education - Infant Development program at 540-372-3561. There will be someone to help you get the answers you need. It could be the most important step you'll take for your child's future.

Does your child...
The following is a list of responses to be expected by certain ages. The list is general and should be used only as a guide for the possibility of potential developmental delays. If you have a concern, please call our office.

0-3 months
Does your child respond to loud noises, demonstrate a social smile, coo, visually follow an object, and begin to hold head erect?

3-6 months
Does your child recognize and respond to his/her name, use vowel like sounds, hold and explore toys and roll over?

6-12 months
Does your child respond to his or her name, babble and begin to speak his/her first words such as "ma-ma" and "da-da," sit unsupported, follow simple requests, transfer toys from hand to hand, and wave "bye-bye"?

12-18 months
Does your child follow simple commands, begin to name objects, walk alone, scribble with a crayon, finger feed, and begin to drink from a cup?

18-24 months
Does your child recognize pictures in a book, point to body parts, begin to use two word sentences, put shapes in a shape sorter, kick and throw a ball, and eat table foods independently?

2-3 Years
Does your child follow 2- to 3-step unrelated commands; understand and use 2-4 word sentences to communicate family names, action, common objects, location (i.e., in, out) and attributes (i.e., big, hot, dirty); use pretend play; and draw simple pictures?

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