Too Good for Drugs

Too Good for Drugs encourages children’s participation in classroom activities to give them practical, hands-on experience with the concepts being taught. Activities include role-playing and refusing peer pressure to use alcohol, tobacco or other drugs. In addition, cooperative learning strategies and group discussions are used to teach children the importance of effective social and communication skills, and to promote positive bonding with peers. Home Workout activities are used to promote parents’ reinforcement of the knowledge, skills, and values taught in Too Good for Drugs.

Too Good for Drugs is designed to increase students’ personal responsibility for healthy choices, their knowledge about the harmful effects of  alcohol, tobacco and other drugs use, and healthy alternatives to such use. Too Good for Drugs is also designed to increase students’ confidence in their ability to use the skills they have developed through exposure to the curriculum, and to foster a sense of being in control of their own outcomes. The sum total of these gains is expected to increase children’s motivation to live healthy, productive lives.

This program is provided in eight to ten weekly sessions for youth in Preschool through 8th Grade.

Prevention Specialist: Sherry Thompson


Rappahannock Area Community Service Board  |  600 Jackson Street  |  Fredericksburg, VA 22401  |  (540) 373-3223