Kenmore Club

Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services are provided at Kenmore Club for adults with severe and persistent mental illness. The purpose of Kenmore Club is to provide citizens who are living with the effects of mental illness the chance to work and become self-supporting members of the community.

Kenmore Club philosophy is based on the belief that it is the Club's responsibility and desire to provide members with:

  • a place to come
  • work opportunities
  • meaningful relationships
  • a place to return
  With these objectives in mind, members and staff work together to promote the well-being and success of each individual in the Club. Members participate voluntarily in work units of their choice which focus on the duties necessary for the daily operation of the Club. By taking part in the unit activities, members gain confidence, build self-esteem, learn job-related skills, and work with others toward a common goal.

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Membership Unit: The Membership Unit works to promote the clubhouse through fundraising, orientation, education and various special projects. The activities and club projects are dedicated to the betterment of the individual cub member, to increase member involvement in the community and to improve the clubhouse as a whole. The membership unit provides orientation for new members, coordinates special club projects and fundraisers for the membership, give clubhouse tours to visitors, allocates consumer funds, organizes voter registration drives, and political advocacy projects.
Food Unit: The Food Unit plans and coordinates the weekly kitchen and snack bar grocery shopping. The members prepare and serve breakfast, lunch, and snack every day, including choices for members who are diabetic or have special dietary needs.


The unit also administers the USDA program at club, which subsidizes our members' nutritional guidelines. Members run Joe's Place, the clubhouse's snack bar, which serves as an informal gathering place, as well as a training opportunity for customer service skills.

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Maintenance Unit: The Maintenance Unit works to maintain the building and grounds of the Kenmore Club through daily cleaning tasks. Woodworking equipment is available in the woodshop for members to work on personal and club projects. A variety of tools and equipment provide members the opportunity to learn woodworking techniques, such as refinishing furniture and building benches. The members coordinate the club's newspaper and aluminum can recycling program and perform regular van maintenance. They also assist with various club repairs and schedule the monthly filter maintenance for the heating and air conditioning units. Many members of this unit also work in the club's lawn crew, Prince Edward's Lawn Lovers (PELL), providing many in our community with an affordable lawn service.
Clerical Unit: The Clerical Unit serves as the communicators of the club. Members answer phones and provide front desk reception services for visitors, members, and staff. They handle many of the club's computer needs, including advertising upcoming events and maintaining attendance records and statistics.

The unit coordinates the new mental health psycho-education committee's activities and maintains and orders needed office supplies for the club. The members draft, edit, and distribute a monthly newsletter and a quarterly literary magazine and handle the club's bulk mailing needs.

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In addition to the four cub units, Kenmore Club has various committees designed to handle special club projects and activities. The Vocational Committee works to promote employment issues and to give additional support to those club members in the workplace. The Outreach Committee coordinates the club's member outreach letter writing, phone calls, and home and hospital visits. The Seniors Group organizes projects and activities for our age 55+ club members.

Transitional Employment Program
The Transitional Employment Program offers temporary job placements designed to provide skills and build confidence. Members have the opportunity to obtain part-time, paid positions with local businesses while being emotionally supported by members and staff at the Clubhouse. Members who have experienced difficulty finding and maintaining employment can utilize this program and the supports to gain the self-confidence to allow them to gradually re-enter the work force.



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