Intellectual Disability Residential Services

Residential Services provide a variety of rehabilitative and supportive housing options for persons who need a special living arrangement in order to live successfully in the community.

Group Homes are owned or operated by RACSB and provide 24-hour intensive and structured support for people with disabilities.


Scottsdale Estates Group Home

Scottsdale Estates Group Home welcomed residents in June 2010



  • Devon Drive, Caroline County
  • Churchill Drive, Spotsylvania County
  • Galveston Road, Stafford County
  • Igo Road, King George County
  • Leeland Road, Stafford County
  • New Hope Estates, Stafford County
  • Piedmont Drive, Spotsylvania County
  • Ruffin's Pond, Spotsylvania County
  • Scottsdale Estates, Stafford County
  • Stonewall Estates, Spotsylvania County
  • Wolfe Street - Fredericksburg City

Myers Drive Respite Group Home provides respite services for up to six (6) individuals at a time. Guests are supported to learn new skills and experience independence while caregivers benefit from a rest from care responsibilities or tend to other obligations or commitments.

During the work week, guests are supported to maintain their daily routines (day support programs or employment). Evening and weekend activities are interactive and person-centered.

Prior to the first stay, families are to tour the home and help staff get to know the likes and dislikes of their loved ones. This advance preparation will help ensure a smooth initial visit as well as return stays.

The home, located in South Stafford County, was purchased and renovated through a partnership with Doris Buffett and The Sunshine Lady Foundation.

To learn more or to schedule a tour, please contact the program supervisor, Lacey Fisher, at 540-899-4670 or

Myers Drive Respite Group Home


Intermediate Care Facilities are similar to group homes but provide support to individuals with more complex medical and behavioral needs. RACSB recently constructed two new homes in Spotsylvania County. Each will be home to four (4) residents.

Intermediate Care Facilities


Supported Living Arrangements allow individuals to live in housing of their own. Staff provide support in the individual's home. Medicaid Waiver funds provide payment for this type of in-home support for children and adults with intellectual disability who are at risk of institutionalization.

Supervised Apartments are owned or leased by RACSB and rented to individuals. Supervision is provided on a 24-hour basis:

  • The Belmont at Cowan Place Apartments (Fredericksburg, 3 two-bedroom apartments and 1 one-bedroom apartment)
  • Brittany Commons (Spotsylvania County, 6 two-bedroom apartments, and 1 one-bedroom apartment)
Sponsored Placements match individuals with families who provide room, board and supervision and teach independent living skills. Individuals have access to intensive case management/support coordination, behavioral management, day support services, supportive counseling and age-appropriate recreational activities within the community.




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