Payment Information - Q & A

1. Will there be a fee for services I receive at RACSB?
Yes. While RACSB is an agency of local government, we are required to charge fees according to the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (formerly Department of Mental Health, Mental Retardation and Substance Abuse Services) and by the Code of Virginia. We make every effort to keep our fees affordable. Under no circumstances will care be denied due to a consumer's inability to pay.

2. Will my insurance cover the services I receive at RACSB?
Maybe. Questions about coverage should be directed to your insurance carrier. Most plans have limitations and pre-authorization requirements for mental health and substance abuse services. RACSB will gladly help you access your available benefits.

3. What can be done if I have insurance but cannot afford to pay the co-payments and/or deductible each visit?
RACSB cannot waive collection of co-payments, deductibles, or patient payments as mandated by your insurance plan, Medicare or Medicaid. We can establish deferred payment plans to make your share less burdensome.

4. What if I don't have insurance?
Prior to, or at the time of your first appointment, you will have a financial interview. During this interview, you and a member of RACSB's staff will work together to establish a payment plan within your ability to pay.

5. When is my payment due?
Payment is due at time of service. You will receive a bill monthly for any unpaid balance.

6. The court ordered me to receive services. Will they pay for my care?
Under most circumstances, you are required to pay for services ordered by the court. Counseling services are eligible for financial assistance. Court ordered evaluations are not.

7. What if I disagree with my bill or my financial situation changes and I can no longer afford to pay what I have agreed to?
Contact our Reimbursement Office immediately with any questions or concerns about your billing. We are here to work with you to assure you can afford our services. We understand situations change and can reevaluate your financial agreement.

8. If I have a crisis situation and have a walk-in appointment, will I be charged?
Yes. If you have not had a financial interview and cannot afford the cost of this service, simply contact RACSB. A staff person will obtain your insurance information, determine the extent to which you qualify for financial assistance, and arrange a suitable payment plan. If you are currently using RACSB services and have already completed a financial interview, the existing terms of your financial contract will apply.

9. Will I be charged if I miss an appointment?
If you cancel your appointment at least 48-hours in advance you will not be billed. If you do not give 48-hours notice of cancellation you will be billed a standard $20.00 fee. (Effective June 16, 2015, the advance notice requirement increases from 24-hours to 48-hours.)



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